Top Terrasses in Montreal For Casual Business Meetings

March 14, 2016

Atmosphere is key to any business meeting, even when you’re trying to keep the tone casual and informal. You never want to intimidate your fellow business professional, as that could make them a bit defensive, but you do want to impress them a bit and make them feel special, to build a positive rapport that will only help your business-related discussions. A sure-fire way to immerse yourself in an atmosphere to accomplish that goal is a rooftop terrasse, and Montreal has plenty to choose from.

Otherwise known as a rooftop patio or bar in other cities, Montreal’s selection of high-in-the-sky terrasses are mainly situated in Old Montreal or by the Old Port. There are still plenty of options, so to help you plan out your next casual business meeting, here are some of Montreal’s best rooftop terrasses.


Terrasse Place d’Armes

55 Saint-Jacques Street (8th floor)

Old Montreal is home to a few open-air rooftop terrasses and Terrasse Place d’Armes is truly one of the best. A part of Place d’Armes Hotel & Suites, the spacious eight-stories-high patio gives you a beautiful view of Old Montreal and downtown, with an unparalleled vantage point of the Notre-Dame Basilica and its surrounding courtyard. Always a safe bet, Terrasse Place d’Armes is even prepared for rain, so if the clouds come out to pour during your business meeting, you’ll still keep dry.Beautiful montreal terrasse


Terrasse Nelligan

106 St-Paul West (5th floor)

Not quite as high up as most of the other rooftop terrasses in Montreal, Nelligan is still among the best to head to during a business meeting. For one, the lower elevation is strategic, as the terrasse is exactly on-level with the roof of Notre Dame Basilica, giving you a more detailed look at the architectural wonder. Combine that with an amazing view of the St. Lawrence River and an outdoor BBQ that grills any meat to your liking, and you have the perfect setting for a casual business meeting. Beautiful Montreal terrasse


Suite 701 Restaurant – Lounge

701 Côte de la Place d’Armes (8th floor) 

Hunger can strike at just about anytime, and if you want to include some food during your business meeting, while still in the classically chic ambiance of Old Montreal, then head to Suite 701. To access the rooftop terrasse, simply use the regular restaurants entrance then take the elevator up. Enjoy the delicious brasserie-style cuisine Suite 701 is known for with an amazing view of Montreal, a combination your business guest will surely appreciate.beautiful montreal lounge


SAT Foodlab

1201 boul. St-Laurent

Perhaps the ritzy airs of Old Montreal aren’t quite for you, or your fellow business professionals. Maybe you just want to head to a venue that’s a little less formal that still has a great outdoor view. Oh, and you’re all hungry to boot. If that’s your particular business meeting situation, then La Société des arts technologiques’ Labo Culinaire/Foodlab is your go-to spot. Don’t be fooled by the casual beach-barbecue-esque set up, because even though the ambiance isn’t exactly high-class, the chefs preparing your food certainly are. A pair of star chefs create all of the Foodlab’s many meals, accompanied by an on-site sommelier, so rest assured you’ll be eating and drinking during your business meeting just as well at the Foodlab as anywhere else.beautiful montreal terrasse


Terrasse sur l’Auberge

97 de la Commune East

Much like the other rooftop terrasses to be found in the Old Port area, Terrasse sur l’Auberge offers stunning views of both the Old Montreal area and the St. Lawrence River. What sets Terrasse sur l’Auberge apart, however, is its perfect placement for viewing the International Fireworks Competition, which lights up Montreal’s skies from the end of June to the beginning of August. Now, having fireworks exploding with light and sound in the air during a business meeting isn’t exactly ideal. Fortunately the firework show doesn’t begin ’til 10pm, so you can easily plan to have all the business dealt with and then enjoy a world-class pyrotechnics show to cap off the meeting.outside2-large



9 Avenue Duluth East

A hip microbrewery located in the Plateau, brasserie Réservoir is unlike any of the other venues featured on this list, and it may be exactly what you’re looking for. While the rooftop terrasse is only one floor up, Réservoir still has an entertaining, relaxing, and modernly cool atmosphere any visitor will enjoy. If your business partners aremore into having a pint and checking out the local Montreal bar scene, then Réservoir is your ideal spot.

Reservoir terrasse Montreal


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