Best Bars for Business in Montreal

March 21, 2016

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for business meets to shift to more relaxed and complaisant settings in lieu of the conventional office or boardroom spaces. Barring the usual suspects that usually contain lots of formal banter and many a solemn head nod, business people find that a bar or lounge can serve the same purpose while also providing an opportunity to learn more about the client. It also offers an occasion to establish a certain level of familiarity and trust between each other, something that is not always possible in a strict corporate environment.

So the next time you find yourself having to entertain work clients, set up the meeting at a classy bar; this gesture will be a welcome change of pace! Enjoy some creatively crafted libations before sealing the deal. Here are some recommendations for where to go in Montreal:

Whisky Café


If you’re on the hunt for an upscale saloon with plush leather seating and a wide variety of finely aged elixirs, park yourself outside Whisky Café located on the Main. The Cigar Lounge at this establishment practically oozes with opulence and sophistication, and is a great place to hold a conversation.

Bar Big in Japan


Tucked in a small corner on St. Laurent is a high-end boozer called Big in Japan. A great ambiance, coupled with elegant décor, has landed it a coveted spot on everyone’s favourite list. It’s superb service record makes sure your guests are treated excellently, which is always a good thing when you play host.

Suite 701


A good out-of-office site to conduct a business meeting is most definitely one where there aren’t any rowdy students hosting a keg stand competition, but where interesting, professional-minded adults like yourself come in for a nightcap. Or two. Suite 701 is a suave bar littered with attorneys and other business people, and a safe bet for a quick work parley.

Dom Pérignon Bar


For times you really need to knock someone’s socks off, you should make a reservation at the Dom Pérignon Bar housed at the Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Montreal. Every much as glamourous as it sounds, this chic establishment is the perfect place to woo a client. Clink your glasses to a lasting partnership, or to the end of a prosperous project.

Dominion Square Tavern


Dominion Square Tavern doles out a generous helping of rustic old-school charm alongside its signature cocktails. It is more spacious and airy than other bistros, very well lit, and affords a relaxed atmosphere that invalidates the need to yell across to each other. Make sure to call ahead for a table, as it can get pretty busy in the evenings.

Bar Plan B


Forget the name play, it’s a solid Plan A. It is important that the drinkery you select contains a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as a menu of refined pub fare for your guests to nosh on in the event that the gathering runs later than expected. Bar Plan B delivers on both accounts, and also presents a beautiful outdoor terrace to enjoy it in. Free wifi is another perk at this boozer!

Whether you’re looking to celebrate, commemorate, contemplate or collaborate, a nice upscale bar or bistro will serve as a perfect backdrop for all such moments! Cheers to your next big idea!

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