Cinq a Sept in Montreal: What it Is and Where to Go

February 22, 2016

Cinq a Sept’ is a phrase you’ll definitely need to recognize when visiting or moving to Montreal! It’s used to describe the period between work and dinner time when people go to bars with colleagues, coworkers, or to meet with their partner before heading home for the evening. The Quebecois equivalent to Happy Hour, Cinq a Sept happens every evening in Montreal at a wide variety of venues across the city with an emphasis on drinks and light fare that includes appetizers, finger foods, and other light snacks to wash down your drinks with.

There are so many great locations where you can enjoy your Cinq a Sept in the city. Here are a few you should check out tonight:


Burger Bar Crescent: Burger Bar Crescent, located on Crescent Street, has delicious burgers, fries, and salads as well as a wide variety of cocktails, wine, and beer for those seeking liquids more than food. Their menu is very eclectic for a burger joint, but nice enough to visit on your way home for the office for a quick drink or an early dinner.


Ye Olde Orchard Pub &Grill: With five locations in Montreal, Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill is a fun hangout for those looking to unwind with a few beers and a game on the screen. The old world decor and traditional feel make this a great place for the guys to gather at during Cinq a Sept. The menu offers up pub classics with a twist of Quebec for very affordable prices. There are always specials during happy hour for you to take advantage of too, so don’t be afraid to indulge.


Le Hachoir: Conveniently located on the corner of Rachel and St. Denis, Le Hachoir is a great place to get together with friends after work for wine by the glass or a fine scotch. They also have cheese platters and some killer deserts like their double decadent Chocoporn and fresh Tarte Tatin Classique. What a great prelude to dinner!


Bieres et Compagnie: Also on St. Denis, Bieres et Compagnie is a fun and delicious way to introduce yourself to the Cinq a Sept.  This pub and grill offers more than 100 different types of beer as well as wine, spirits, and some of the best pub food in the city.


Vargas Steakhouse & Sushi: A unique place to enjoy Cinq a Sept, Vargas Steakhouse & Sushi has ample seating and some of the best sushi in downtown Montreal. Their menu also serves up a  delicious menu of starters and salads that are the perfect thing to eat while wetting your whistle with some fine wine or craft beer. Take your coworkers out for a drink and some sushi. It won’t spoil your appetite too much. Promise.



As you can see there is a very vibrant Cinq a Sept following in Montreal and a myriad places to gather together for cocktails after work. Whether you’re in the mood for a beer and a burger or wine and cheese, there’s something out there to satisfy your social and gastronomic cravings to the fullest. Stop in at any of these fun and relaxed venues, or blaze your own trail. Whatever route you decide to take, there will be a welcoming crowd and service staff to make sure you’ve had a great time blowing off steam after work. See you next Cinq a Sept!


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