Best Montreal Spots to Grab a Cup of Coffee

November 16, 2015

Feeling the need for that next caffeine fix? Montreal is by far one of the best places to get to-die-for coffee at some fantastic prices. You’ll find plenty of shops that are looking for your business, and most of them very friendly with excellent service. Allow us to offer some of the most popular selections of other people just like you, coffee fiends that are gettin’ the craving!

Café Olimpico: With a focus on customers and a love for coffee much like your own, this shop is the best worst kept secret of Montreal. You’ll be sure to love the welcoming, homey feel of the it. However, the real beauty of this Café is the Caffé Freddo, an unforgettable explosion of delicious that you won’t soon find an equal to. Well, ok, it’s very delicious and very memorable, as well as one of the top recommended coffees in Montreal, so enjoy this icy, yummy treat!

Tunnel Espresso Bar: A hole-in-the-wall with style, this shop is sure to impress you with its smooth coffees, often brewed by the owner himself. The service is always friendly, and is comes highly recommended! Keep an eye out for this little gem.

 Café Myriad: One of the smaller, older coffee shops in Montreal, Café Myriad will take you by surprise. The service, as is the norm, is fast and familiar. The most suggested time to visit is during the summer, as their iced coffee is out of this world. Go ahead, give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed.

 Café St Henri Émery: Ask the locals, ask tourists, ask whoever you’d like, if you enjoy a dark roast coffee, it’s time to pay a visit. The Barista has extreme passion for what he does, and is always happy to explain every selection. Being a newer café, it has become an awesome place to hang out and relax! Sit down to a strong, piping hot dark mocha.

Kitsuné: Time for a latté! Kitsuné offers one of the best almond lattés around, and some of the most crumbly, yummy pastries. With only a single person operating it, you will be sure to get some very personal service from an energetic host. Kick back, relax, and chat up some of the friendly people in the shop. You’ll meet coffee addicts from all around!


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