Tick these off your list: Montreal’s best burgers

August 14, 2015
Best Burgers Montreal

It really doesn’t matter which area of the world you’re visiting, there is this innate thing within us all that cries out for something juicy, cheesy, and a little greasy when you’ve already tried all of the local eats. This is where the almighty burger comes in, scratching that insatiable itch that all of the sushi in the world cannot satisfy. When tourists come to Montreal, there are a lot of awesome burger joints you can check out that have a little something for all tastes and diets, though I wouldn’t start one when you begin your burger pilgrimage.


Unhealthy but VERY Tasty

If you’re looking for a hamburger that is jam-packed with fixings and unavoidably falls apart in your hands, try out a couple of the picks from Burger Bar Crescent downtown. Their modern gastro-bar atmosphere is the perfect setting for sinking your teeth into their Hangover Burger or the Firestorm Burger with a crisp Caesar Salad or freshly cut Fries.Montreal best burger


Local, Gourmet, and Vegan

If you’re a health nut trying to indulge but still want to satisfy cravings with something fresh, organic, and local, try out St. Laurent’s Burger Royal. You can choose whatever type of patty you like out of beef, chicken, or vegetarian while selecting the structure and fixings of twenty different configurations. The Royal Burger seems to be the biggest hit with the Harvarti-topped Atomic Burger and the Baja-inspired Pulp Fiction Burger also hitting high notes with customers.Best Burger Montreal


Burgers or…

If you have a need for something between bread but don’t quite feel like having a burger or want to enjoy a deli-like feel instead of the gastro-bar setting, Reuben’s Deli on St. Catherine will give you a  huge variety of alternatives in addition to burgers. Their Smoked Meat and Reuben Sandwiches are tops and get all the accolades, but they also offer cute little Kobe Beef Sliders as well as the upscale BBB Burger, which is made with Stilton Blue Cheese and Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce.Montreals Best Burgers


Insane Sides

Now that we’ve touched on the best burger joints around, we have to talk about the gravy-laden elephant in the room. Being that Montreal is the capital of Quebec, founder of Poutine, you can’t pass up the opportunity to try out a few places that have the best Poutine and French Fry concoctions in town. Patati Patati Friterie De Luxe is a convenient little shop on the corner of St. Laurent and Rue Rachel that has a tiny seating area inside and window service for passers-by; rumor has it that they have craft beer too.

The real excitement comes on the side of the plate where visitors can enjoy a classic Poutine with squeaky white cheese curds and that rich brown gravy that even Burger King has no hope of duplicating. Poutine La Banquise is another awesome venue where they’re really serious about their Poutine. In fact, you may have a hard time choosing just one of the 28 varieties of Poutine on their menu, and the clean, modern dining area puts the focus on the food where it belongs. Just yummy!

Best Montreal Poutine


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