Corporate Apartment Rentals vs Airbnb Apartments: The Facts

July 24, 2015
Montreal Furnished Apartment

With non-traditional boarding and lodging on the rise, business travellers are now, more than ever, faced with limitless accommodation options to choose from. Among them are the world popular Airbnb, and the local MyStudioMontreal, that offer housing to visitors to Montreal. While Airbnb promises to provide a different living experience, MyStudioMontreal may be a better choice for corporate commuters coming into the city.


MyStudioMontreal provides business travellers with what they need and what they are expecting on their trip, for competitive prices. We believe it has an edge over Airbnb, making MSM a more reliable option for business travellers.


Pricing, Fees & Value

In terms of cost, MyStudioMontreal is a great value for money. We have partnered with local suppliers who are willing to discount their surplus inventory for last minute bookings so can guarantee the best prices available! If you come across a better deal for the same property anywhere online, we are ready to match the price and offer an additional 10% rebate! Airbnb may look like the cheaper option, but there are plenty of hidden fees such as its guest service fee and Airbnb service fee that can add up to 15% more to your total fee! MyStudio Montreal promises no hidden fees to your final total and no unpleasant surprises at the end of your stay.


 Service & Amenities Consistency

Corporate travellers crave consistency, and consistency is not something Airbnb can promise while staying at someone’s house. MyStudioMontreal gives you an entire apartment all to yourself, so there is no disturbance from either the host, or other guests in the other rooms. All our homes are furnished to 4 star standards, and we offer a dedicated concierge service to help you with anything else you may need during your stay. There is no fuss and no hassle with handing over keys and dealing with other such issues, and absolutely no compromise on our stellar amenities.

We know how important it is to stay connected, so MyStudioMontreal offers high-speed internet, HD TV, and landline connections for your personal use. Airbnb has been known to host bad internet connections that could end up costing more in lost productivity. With our facilities, you can count on reliable service and connectivity, solely for you and your business usage. No shared connections!


Location, location, location

Corporate commuters will have all their needs and expectations met at any of the properties owned by MyStudioMontreal. Our apartments are located all over Downtown Montreal, always with easy access to a Metro line. Our apartments are carefully chosen by a team of experts and the convenience of the location is key in their decision. If you are not satisfied by our services, we will fully refund your stay, no questions asked. Now that is an offer you can’t refuse and that Airbnb has yet to match!


Take a look at our wide selection of furnished apartment rentals in Montreal and book yours today!


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