5 Reasons to Consider Furnished Apartments during Home Renovations

May 21, 2015
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Having your home renovated is both a blessing and a curse. On the side of the angels, you know that all the work being done will result in a much more aesthetically pleasing (or functional) living space. The bad side of the situation is that, if the renovation work is expansive, taking over a majority of your home, you’re pretty much forced to stay elsewhere until the project is completed.

In such home renovation situations, you have a few options. You could stay with your parents, relatives, or in-laws, but you know more than 6 hours of “quality time” with them may end in some form of nervous breakdown. You could stay with a friend, you’ll just have to sleep on the couch and deal with their less-than-cleanly way of living. Or you could stay in a hotel, and fork out tons of dough every single night. None of these sound to appealing, so good thing you have one more option that truly is a saving grace: staying in a furnished apartment.


Available to anyone, and not only travelers from foreign cities, fully furnished apartments (like those offered by Corporate Stays) are the perfect place for any homeowner to live for a short spell during home renovations. Far superior to any of the aforementioned options, a fully furnished apartment should always be your go-to anytime your home is made uninhabitable. See why below.


The Comforts of Home Without the Home

Some companies may toss around the term “fully furnished” without really backing up the claim, leaving you with an apartment that may have a couch and bed, but not much else. That certainly won’t be the case when renting (truly) furnished apartment with Corporate Stays. Nearly every single apartment comes with a working TV, high speed internet, a fully equipped kitchen, and next to all the modern conveniences you have at home. Be comfortable, even when out of the house.


You Will Save Money

Like already mentioned, staying at a hotel will cost more than a few pretty pennies, and the bill will only increase every day your home renovation project continues. Just how much you’re able to save while staying in a furnished apartment vs. a hotel is staggering, and should be reason enough to convince anyone to choose the former over the latter. Yes, some hotels maybe cheaper, but after you consider just how much you get when staying in a furnished apartment (see above) you’ll understand the daily price is quite the deal.


Stick To Your Routine, Or Switch It Up

Even if you do choose to stay in a hotel, or with friends/relatives, you’ll still be forced to uproot yourself from your usual neighborhood. That means an entirely different commute, a lack of knowledge of the area, and your usual routine being broken entirely. Furnished apartments offered by Corporate Stays are available in almost every major neighborhood in cities across North America, meaning you can live somewhere new and still stick to what’s familiar.

On the flipside, if you do want to change things up a bit, don’t limit yourself just to where your friends and family live, or where hotels are situated. Live in whatever neighborhood you’ve always wanted to experience by booking a furnished apartment online with Corporate Stays.


Pets Are Welcome

Pet-owners know all to well just how difficult it can be to find a place to stay that will accommodate their furry friends. From hotels to friend’s places, not everyone is okay with you bringing along a pet during your short stay. Animal lovers and owners will be glad to know then that pets aren’t a problem when staying at most furnished apartments. Simply have the “pet friendly” filter clicked when searching on Corporate Stays and you’ll see every furnished apartment that is A-okay with animals. You’ll be surprised just how large a number that is.


Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

If you’re staying at the place of a friend or family member, you can’t really tell them when things aren’t really up to your standard or you don’t quite like their living situation. After all, they’re doing you a favour here. If you’re staying at a hotel, well, it’s probably your last resort, and even if you complain to the hotel management, you know not much is going to be done or the problem won’t be fixed by the time you leave.


Anytime you stay at a furnished apartment with Corporate Stays, during your home renovations or when traveling, you’re always guaranteed 100% satisfaction. Not that you won’t find everything to your liking, but in the off chance you do, you can always call the Corporate Stays staff, explain your grievance, and be given a full refund. Nothing beats a safe bet, and that’s what you’ll get when staying in a furnished apartment while your home is undergoing renovations.



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