Visiting Montreal? Check Out These Montreal-Made Apps

April 9, 2015

With smartphones these day so, well, smart – could there be a better time to be a traveler?! Thanks to these ingenious devices, we have a plethora of apps available for downloading, and a many of these are essential when you’re visiting a new place.

When it comes to visiting Montreal, there are a few great apps out there that can make your stay an excited, action-packed vacation that requires very little guesswork and involves zero confusion. Here are nine of our favorite apps for those who are visiting Montreal! Read on to decide which of them will be the most helpful for your stay:



For those who are unfamiliar with the system, Bixi is a bike rental program that allows people access to rental bicycles for traveling around the city during their stay. This app is exclusively used in Montreal and helps users find docking stations for bikes and provides info like how many are available at each station as well as which stations are closest to your current location (by way of GPS). You can even flag your favorite stations and filter out results to highlight only the stations you care about, which cuts down on confusion when navigating the city. Bixi is available for both Apple and Android devices. 

Montreal Bixi app


Those who are completely clueless about Montreal and its restaurants, theaters, museums, and other attractions will love using Poynt. This app is a locator tool for all kinds of different venues and helps users find out info and locate different businesses in addition to people and events. For instance, those who would like to go to a movie with a friend who lives here can use the app to locate their friend and which theater they are at, so meeting up isn’t so difficult. If you’re craving sushi, you can consult Poynt and find the sushi restaurants that are closest to your current location or those with the highest ratings, depending on your filter settings. This immensely helpful app is available for both Android and Apple devices as well.

Poynt app

CBC News:

Trying to stay in the loop while away? Check out the CBC News app! This app keeps visitors to Montreal informed on the local and home fronts by providing local, regional, national, and international news, so you won’t miss your sportscast or be wandering around without a clue when something that’s personally relevant happens. It’s also less time consuming to use the app instead of sitting through an hour of news for one piece of info. Again, the CBC News app is available for Android and Apple. 

CBC news app

Canadiens de Montreal:

You don’t have to be from Montreal to be a Montreal Canadiens fan, and if you happen to be one and are in town, you’ll enjoy looking over stats, the team’s game schedule, and other interesting info on the Canadiens de Montreal app for Android or Apple smartphones. This is a particularly useful app for when you would like to take a stab at getting seats for a game at the Bell Centre or want to keep up-to-date on scores while the team’s on the road.

Canadiens de Montreal App 


Sometimes the most frustrating part of being in a city you’re unfamiliar with is not knowing where ATM machines are located. Let’s be honest, not every place you visit may accept debit or credit, so you’re going to need to have at least a little bit of green in your wallet. -and who wants to use those private ATM machines that charge sometimes triple what your bank would collect for a single transaction? Save yourself time and the annoyance by downloading the Guichetier app for you iPhone. It’s an ATM locator that uses GPS to chart ATM machines around the city and in your area. You could even forego all fees if you find that your bank has an ATM nearby.

Guichetier app 


Want to know what the weather’s going to be like outside without having to play fortune teller? In Montreal, dressing for the weather is super important (as anyone who has been here in february will tell you). It also factors into what kinds of activities you’ll be doing on any given day, so using an app like Atmospherique for iPhone can help you make an informed decision when it comes to the weather outside. Hooked up to Environment Canada, this app can tell you what the forecast looks for all cities in Canada, but it’s especially useful in Montreal due to its climate.

Atmosphérique App  


Ski season is almost over, but the next time you find yourself visiting Montreal during the Winter months, download SkiQC! Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, this app gives you ski reports for over 70 different ski hills in Quebec. Each ski report reveals the current temperature on the mountain, current base measurements, as well as the weather forecast, which is super helpful for Montreal visitors who aren’t willing to make the trip up to Mount Tremblant if it’s going to be blustery and unpleasant all day. Because it’s so useful for planning purposes, having this app is a must when visiting Montreal in the Winter.



Visitors who wish to enjoy public transport while in Montreal will find using the STM app to be very helpful with riding and navigating Montreal’s Metro and bus systems. With schedules, maps, and tips for getting from A to B quickly, safely, and on time, Montreal visitors will find this to be one of the most invaluable tools for using during their stay in town. It’s available for iPhone and Android too, so you can use it no matter what phone manufacturer you’ve sided with.

STM app

French by Nemo:

Although the city of Montreal is expressly bilingual, there are still a few places in the city that are infinitely Francophone and do not use English to communicate. You could also find yourself trying to decipher French on a menu, advertisement, or important document, so download a free app like French by Nemo. The app is for both iPhone and Android and can be used on the fly for instant translations and as a primer for your trip, so you can conduct basic communications by the time you arrive. Again, most places accommodate people who speak both languages, but it never hurts to have an app that can help out when there is a scenario where everything is written or spoken in French.

French by Nemo app


As you may have noticed, there’s a huge list of apps that are excellent for helping out anyone staying in Montreal. Technology allows tourists to make their way through the city without getting lost or having difficulty with communication. They can also keep you in the loop with your news, sports, and the local weather, so you miss nothing while on vacation. Who could ask for more?


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