Relocating to Montreal? 6 Things to Do for Easter

April 3, 2015

There may not be daffodils and cherry blossom in the air this Easter, but there are still a ton of things you can do with your family, friends, or lover next weekend in Montreal! There are, of course, traditions in Montreal like Easter Sunday Mass or doing Brunch de Pâques, and some places will still offer up Easter egg hunts for kids along with the traditional petting zoo.

Whether you’d like to add new traditions to the mix, prefer to do the same thing every year, or are in town as a visitor who’s looking for something festive to do, we’ve got 6 things everyone in Montreal should be doing over Easter.


  1. Join an Easter Egg Hunt at the Zoo:

    It’s a little fresh out, but you can still take the kids to an Easter egg hunt. Combine it with a visit to Montreal’s Zoo, and you’ve got an award-winning pair of family-friendly activities that satisfy annual family fun with more than just a few goats, chickens, and pigs. Kids will love participating in the scavenger hunt and visiting the Easter bunny for treats. Families will also be able to view the zoo’s animals and exhibits, so this could shape up to be a whole day worth of fun! This event will be happening on April 4th and 5th, so you can go on Saturday or Sunday.


  1. Visit the Biodome:

    A great way to add a new tradition to your Easter weekend is by heading out to the Biodome in Montreal for a look through all of their exhibits. The space has more than just a biodome though. It has an insectarium, planetarium, and botanical gardens too, so no matter what you want to see, you can see it all in one go. This is a great time of year to visit too because this is when the butterflies are flying around the main greenhouse for everyone to admire. The Biodome is open all weekend for everyone to enjoy, so mark this one in your agendas.


  1. Go for Brunch de Pâques:

    People in Montreal are all about their Easter brunch. They call it Brunch de Pâques, and it involves some amazing food with the main event being lamb or a candied ham (depending where you go). One of the best places to go out for brunch this year has to be Vieux-Port Steakhouse down on Ste. Paul East. They’re planning on having a huge buffet with tons of breakfast and lunch items. The buffet will be running from 10AM to 3PM on Easter Sunday and is family-friendly. The Vieux-Port Steakhouse is one of the nicer places to go for a Montreal Easter brunch, so look into it and book a reservation.


  1. Get Your Own Chocolate:

    Sometimes those grocery store little chocolate eggs in the nests will do, but why not indulge and grab a hold of your own high-quality Easter chocolates? People always talk about getting good chocolate for Easter in Montreal, and you can go gourmet with this one by visiting a Quebecois chocolate shoppe like Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois. They have three shops in Montreal, so you have three separate opportunities to find one. The big deal about the chocolates at CGG is that they have gourmet gift boxes, Easter treats, gift cards, and other little morsels for sale that are going to gratify you or the people you give their chocolates to. SO delicious…


  1. Attend an Easter Mass:

    The awesome thing about Easter Mass is that it is usually open to all, so you don’t have to be a part of the congregation to attend. The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal is a beautiful place to spend time in a spiritual place with regal and inspirational décor. Saturday evening, the church will hold Easter Vigil and there will be four Easter Mass Ceremonies on the Sunday, including a special one for celebrating the Resurrection. This is what Easter is originally about, so you’re more than welcome to go.


  1. Go to the Bal en Blanc:

    A new-school tradition in Montreal that’s been going for the last 21 years, the Bal en Blanc is Montreal’s annual Easter weekend white party. There are events going on all weekend at different venues for the buildup to Easter Sunday when the main party happens at the Bell Centre from 9PM on Sunday evening to 12PM the next day. This year, the main act is going to be David Guetta, and the theme? The Love Boat! So, get dressed up and go out for a 15 hour party you’ll want to attend every year.


There’s no question that you’ll have a great time hitting up these spots on the Easter weekend  in Montreal, and with the long weekend, locals are in a great mood. Families will love visiting the zoo, biodome, or going out for a fancy brunch, and there’s nothing better than grabbing your friends and heading out to a huge party with amazing music, costume contests, and VIP bottle service. Montreal’s a great place to spend a long weekend like this, so try some of these ideas on for size when you’re in town next week

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