Everything You Need to Know About Piknic Electronik in Montreal

April 16, 2015

If you find yourself in Montreal on a Sunday this summer, you are in luck my friend! Because  between May 17th and September 20th, sundays get kicked up a notch thanks to an event that’s all about enjoying the outdoor air, food and drinks, and music that makes you want to shake it till the sun goes down. It’s called Piknic Electronik.

This fresh and fun weekly music festival (one of many, many festivals in Montreal this summer) takes place in five different cities around the world, and one of them, fortunately for us, is Montreal. The festival features electronic music in a gorgeous park setting that’s only a few minutes from the downtown core. If you’ve never been, there are a ton of ways to make the most out of your time at Piknic Electronik. Here are a few tips every visitor should know before coming down to the festival.


A Cashless Pay System

In an effort to prevent people from losing their wallets or credit cards and falling prey to theft, the staff at Piknic Electronik have opted for a cashless pay system that is loaded prior to gaining entry into the festival. Visitors can load money to a wristband/pass in one of three ways: on-site at the kiosks, through a mobile app, or online before the event they’ve purchased passes for. Because of this system, guests will be able to purchase souvenirs, food, and drinks by scanning their wristbands instead of whipping out their wallets. There are a few perks to registering online and loading up your pass with cash or through the app though (like transaction records and automated refund for unused credits), so be sure to weigh your options carefully.


There are Two Sites

The main site is called Place de L’Homme, and the second (alternative) site is known as Jardin des Floralies. Each site will have different programming and its own entry points, so you will need to take this into account when attending. It’s also important to know that the entry fees are paid with cash only, so either bring some with you or be prepared to stand in line to use an ATM.


Don’t Come by Car

Well, you can drive to the event, but it will cost you. Parking for Piknic Electronik is currently at $16 per day, and you could end up being quite a ways from your vehicle when you decide to go home since there are two different sites for the event. If you want to be as efficient as possible, take a bus, the metro, or use the bike paths to get to and from the event. All of the drop off points for public transport are meters from both portions of the festival grounds, so you won’t be hiking to get to where the party’s at.


Save on Entry Fees Between 2 PM and 3 PM

You can save a few bucks on each ticket you purchase by coming to the gates between 2 and 3 PM. In fact, each person saves $5 on admission when you arrive during this specific window of time, so if you’re coming with your whole family, you could save a bundle. That means more cash for loading onto your pass or wristband.


Kids Under 12 are Free

Another neat feature about Piknic Electronik is their appreciation of families. Yes, this festival is family-friendly, and any children in your brood that are under 12 years old don’t have to pay admission to enter the grounds. This is an extremely exciting deal for parents who want to bring their children out for a picnic, but could never afford to do so if they were charged admission for each of their children.


Be Prepared for a Long Stay

Piknic Electronik is open to the public from 2PM to 9:30PM every Sunday of the Summer. This means 7 ½ hours of dancing, eating, and lounging in the Summer sun and evening air. You are allowed to bring your own picnic basket, water, and other accouterments, so if you want to spend an entire day on the grounds, save a little money by bringing your own food for a portion of the day. Also, because it’s Summer, you should be prepared for hot weather and bring sunscreen and something to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face. If you want to stay well into the evening, make sure to bring a light jacket to keep you comfortable and a headlamp can help you out with hands free light when you want to get something from your bag and aren’t under a light.


There are Still Some Rules

Even though this electronic music festival is pretty lenient in terms of letting guests bring their own food and easy refunds off of your wristband funds, there are rules to be followed. For starters, Piknic Electronic doesn’t allow any animals on the grounds unless they are guide dogs. You cannot bring alcohol with you to the event, but you can purchase some at the event. In addition, you can ride a bike to the grounds, but bikes are not allowed inside the gates. You cannot fish or swim in the pond, and you can have a campfire, but it has to be lit inside one of the designated spaces in Jean Drapeau Park. It should also be noted that glass drinking bottles and containers are not allowed either. Keep in mind that all of these rules are there to keep you and other festival-goers safe while preserving the natural beauty of the parks that Piknic are held in.


No matter how you choose to travel to the grounds or what kind of sandwiches you pack, Piknic Electronik is a fun-filled music festival that will make any Monday morning feel better. There are tons of different options for reaching its grounds, there are great deals on admission, and the atmosphere is second to none. Come down and rave on, you won’t regret it!


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