Trendiest travel destinations for 2015

February 12, 2015

Are you determined to travel to a far-flung destination this year, but still deciding where to go? We don’t blame you, the list of fascinating places is endless, but to help narrow it down, there are a few cities that are especially cool to visit this year, and here’s why:


Where: Milan, Italy

Why in 2015?: Normally the mecca of fashionistas and designers, in 2015, Italy’s second-largest city opens its doors to all kinds of visitors for Expo 2015 – the World’s Fair which has taken place since the mid-1800s. The fair runs from May to October, and to the joy of any traveler worth his salt, will focus on food. The enormous grounds will be laid out like a classical Roman city, and both traditional and futuristic food will feature. A food-centric fair in one of the world’s top food destinations? Sign us up!


Where? The Rocky Mountains, USA

Why in 2015? The magnificent peaks of the Rockies are worth a visit at any time, but this year, you can wish the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park a happy 100th birthday in person. There may not be cake, but there will be herds of grazing elk, rivers teeming with trout, high-altitude fir forests and hundreds of miles of hiking trails. There will also be walking tours, art exhibits, performances of Rokcy Mountain-inspired music, and a vintage car show. Check out the events calendar to see if your trip coincides with the anniversary activities.


Where? Copper Canyon, Mexico

Why in 2015? Bored of Cancun and the RIviera Maya? If you’re ready to get under Mexico’s skin, check out the spectacular Copper Canyon in the Sate of Chihuahua – four times bigger than the grand canyon and famous for the sky-high Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacifíco rail route. But this year you’ll be able to experience the canyon like never before – tour companies have launched a series of new activities, including a running trip with indigenous peoples, and biking down a brand new hair-raising road into the valley below. Oh and you can ride the world’s longest zipline, which should be enough to have you booking that ticket ASAP.


Where: Singapore

Why in 2015?: Believe it or not, Singapore is just 50 years old this year – and like any young thing, she’s going to celebrate in style!  Head there this year to check out the new entertainment district, Marina Bay, the recently opened National Art Gallery, and the Singapore Sports Hub, which will host the Southeast Asian Games from June 5-16.


Where? Fez, Morocco

Why in 2015?: Although Hollywood may have made Casablanca the Moroccan destination that rolls off the tongue, the city of Fez has quietly developing as a sophisticated, high-end paradise for foodies and shopaholics. In May, you can catch the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, featuring everything from Sufi chanters to American gospel.


Oops, we tried to make your choice easier, but it might just be harder now. Well, why not finally take that world tour – who needs savings, right?!