Looking for a little spice? Montreal’s best ethnic restaurants

November 8, 2014

Although you should not leave this city without trying our local specialities (especially smoked meat and poutine, most definitely if it’s 3 in the morning and you come out of a bar close to La Banquise) this town is also well-known as a gourmet melting pot, and you should try to get to at least one of these cult favourites during your trip:

Indian: Bombay Mahal

There are many, many great Indian restaurants on Jean Talon street West, but the one that almost every Montrealer who loves the cuisine has been to is Bombay Mahal, a bring-your-own-wine cheap and cheerful spot perfect for a casual dinner with friends (or for a date if your date has kindof low expectations). The food is authentic, the portions are generous, and for animal loveers, there are plenty of vegan options.

Lebanese: Boustan

The place to go for a late-night shawarma – the decor and atmosphere leave a lot to be desired, but the food is quick and tasty with great prices too. If you’re not familiar with Middle-Eastern Fast food – get the trio, and try some of the great side dishes like tabbouleh and mango salad. Oh, and don’t miss the potatoes with garlic mayo – you won’t be able to stop!

Thai: Phyathai

With two locations to choose from, you’re never too far away from great Thai food. A little pricier than other options in the city, the authentic Thai flavours are worth it and there are plenty of vegetarian options. This is a great choice for a romantic date, with cozy lighting and tasteful decor, and the Seafood with Thai Basil will seal the deal for you.

Portugese: Rotisserie Romados

Little Italy is a great neighborhood to wader around at the weekend, and a bite to eat at Romados is a must. A half-chicken portion with “special sauce” and a big pile of fries will crush any hunger pangs. Not suitable for sensitive vegetarians, the chickens turn slowly on a rotisserie behind the counter, and they come out perfectly spiced and moist. Great for a quick take-out.