Great places to get cozy in Montreal

November 29, 2014

Whether you like a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a cozy mulled wine, or a strong hot whisky, there are lots of places in Montreal where you can escape the chilly weather and settle in for a warm and cheerful evening. Here are some of our favourites:

Hurleys Irish Pub: Trust the Irish to know how to make you forget the winter outside!. This traditional downtown tavern features intimate seating areas, a crackling fireplace, live music, and as much Guinness as you need to warm your insides.

Waverly: An upscale choice in the Mile End neighborhood, this sophisticated bar will make you feel nice and toasty, with cozy banquettes, flickering candles and a great selection of scotch. And if you need a bite to eat, they make great grilled cheese sandwiches on a hot plate behind the bar.

Le Sainte-Elisabeth: Don’t let the slightly dingy neighbourhood around Le Sainte-Élisabeth put you off: this hidden gem of a pub is anything but. Spread out over two floors, it has a glassed-in terrace where you can watch the snow fall and a fireplace on the first floor.

Pinxto: For true foodies in search of a warm refuge, Pinxto – a Spanish Basque Restaurant in the Plateau neighborhood – is your top bet. There’s a beautiful fireplace, an extensive wine list, and an impressive selection of gourmet tapas including elk, bison and octopus dishes.

Caffe in Gamba: Looking for a hot shot of caffeine? This coffee house in Montreal specialises in expresso, and they have some exceptional blends on offer, as well as delicious pastries. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the couch by the faux fireplace,and enjoy the quiet, relaxed atmosphere as the snow falls outside.


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