MyStudioMontreal – How we help you have the most awesome vacation

October 3, 2014

So you’ve been on our site, you’ve loved the idea and the pics of our amazing apartments (we may be biased there, but our customers say the same thing!) but you need an extra little push? Ok, we hear you. We know that maybe it was hard to get time off, and maybe you’ve been saving up for this, and that you really want it to be an unforgettable trip – so here are a few reasons we think you should go ahead and book:

1. You can bring friends! Most of our studios and 1-bedroom apartments actually sleep up to 4 people, thanks to handy (and super comfortable) pull-out couches. The fact that there’s about twice as much space as a hotel room means there’s plenty of room for everyone and you’ll never feel crowded (not that you’re going to spend all your time in the apartment though!) We’re happy for you to bring extra guests, and although the suites are surprisingly affordable for one traveller, when spit in 4, its a no-brainer!

2. You’ll have all the great extras of a fully-furnished apartment: That means laundry facilities in your apartment, a fully-stocked kitchen for you to rustle up breakfasts, drinks, snacks, even full meals if you decide not to go out. We also have lots of suites with balconies (awesome views) and completely free WiFi in all of our apartments – something you’re not likely to find in even the best hotels!

3. The Guest Services: Firstly, many of our buildings have the amenities of a 5-star hotel, including gyms, pools, and saunas. Then, there’s the incredibly helpful Guest Services, Concierge, and Front Desk team, who are there to look after you from the moment you book until cheeck out and beyond. They can organise airport pickup, dogsitters, dry cleaning, you name it.

4. Our Partnerships: Hungry? We’ve got a great discount for you with the local food delivery service. Stressed? How about 15% off at a beautiful spa? Need to work up a sweat? Ask about our great deal with one of the best gyms in town. Really, we’ve got you covered.

At the end of the day it’s more space, security, and luxury than most hotel rooms at a really great price! And if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will…!