Traditional to totally different – the top Montreal tours

August 15, 2014

Sometimes, when time is limited in a cool city like Montreal, you just want someone else to show you the sights. Sometimes that means sitting on a bus and letting a giode do the work, and sometimes……well, it means gazing down on the city from the sky! Check out these great options and pack in the top sights in one fell swoop!

 Seaplane Tour: Talk about a bird’s eye view – with this 20-25 minute tour, you’ll be taken up higher than any ‘panoramic lookout’ to see some awesome sights! The pilot is very friendly and will give you lots of nuggets of information about the city. The tour takes you over several noted areas, such as the Olympic Stadium, St. Lawrence River, Mt. Royal Park, and, if you choose the 25 minute tour, St. Joseph’s Oratory.

Quebec Wine Tour from Montreal: Definitely the only choice for wine lovers (and those who want to get out of the city), you’ll have a small, friendly tour of some of the beautiful Quebec wine country. You’ll learn a bit about how to taste wines and properly identify the flavors, and be given a little test with a blind tasting, but don’t worry, you won’t be getting graded. This will include at least two wine tastings, with an optional (but suggested) local cheese tasting. If this isn’t enough, you can take the full-day tour for even more foodie add-ons, including a gourmet lunch!

The Double-Decker: So it’s not the most glamorous, but you’ll be sure to have fun hopping on one of these buses, especially if you’ve never been on one, or want to take in the ‘postcard’ sights. You’ll definitely discover a great deal of Montreal you wouldn’t get to see by walking or biking alone. All you need is to show up at the designated stops, buy a ticket on board, and you’re off!

Bike Tour: Feeling a bit energetic? Take a 3-hour bike tour with a friendly, well-informed guide to lead you the whole way. This is definitely the one for you if you’re looking for some history or architecture, or just a bike ride away from the crowds. The tour isn’t very strenuous, so perfect even if you’re a bit wobbly on a bike!

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