Get Active! Extreme Sports to Try In and Around Montreal

August 10, 2014

Ever get that feeling that it’s time to get out and do something fun and healthy? To get outside, breathe in deep, and get your muscles working? Well then, it’s time to get out there and get active! So, there you are in Montreal, ready to be daring and conquer something, to put your body to the test. What to do though? Are you ready to get in there? Well let’s look at what we can find!

Indoor Rock Climbing: Get ready to start climbing, because it’s time to find your inner monkey. Take a trip to Allez-up for a thrilling climbing adventure. Whether you’re completely new to the world of climbing or an experienced veteran, there’s so much to do. Not only will they teach you how to climb, they offer courses in skills and techniques. Put your upper body to the test!

Skydiving: Ever wanted to go skydiving without the terrifying height? Is money a little tight? Take to the (indoor) skies with a trip to the skydiving simulator! You’ll be instructed on proper technique with a brief preview, and then decked out in a skydiving suit, goggles and all. Do some flips, do some tricks, or just relax on the upward draft of wind, which reaches up to 110mph. Talk about an adrenaline spike. Did I mention this is Canada’s one and only skydiving simulator? Head on over to Skyventure and get your active on!

Ziplining: Arbraska, which is a set of adventure forests for all sorts of fun activities, offers the perfect opportunity to tap into your personal adrenaline junkie with the zipline. Get your blood flowing and your heart pounding as you race down a long wire across the forest, flying at high speed. This is a very popular choice for people of all ages.

Kayaking: There are few things more thrilling than racing white waters, pulling you along at high speeds on a swift current, soaking you to the skin and threatening to overturn at any moment. Kayak Sans Frontieres is just the place to get splashing. They offer instruction and areas for those new to it and much more difficult areas for those with skill. If you are more of a surfer, grab your board and head on out, because they offer that too!