Open all night! Top 3 places to grab a bite in the wee hours

July 3, 2014

Montreal knows how to drink. And it also knows that, unless you want to suffer the consequences of those drinks later, you will need something to soak up the alcohol. Enter the 24 hour restaurant – perfect for when you need sustenance or just don’t want the night to end!

St Viateur Bagel: (263 Rue Saint Viateur W) Kill two birds with one stone – fill your belly while experiencing a Montreal foodie must. Nothing hits the spot quite like late-night bagels, and one of Montreal’s most famous bakeries, St. Viateur, is open all day, everyday, so you’re never far from some sweet, crispy, and carb-y goodness.

La Banquise: (994 Rue Rachel E) La Banquise needs no introduction. Over 20 different kinds of delicious poutine, from classic to crazy combinations, and all around good vibes have made La Banquise a Montreal late-night food staple, one you’ve probably been to many times already, and will go back. If you’re a meat lover, we challenge you to finish a large T-Rex poutine. 

Moe’s: (2214 Maisonneuve West) Moe’s Casse Croute du Coin is a greasy spoon cafe that sits not too far from the nighlife meccas of Crescent and Bishop streets downtown. No frills, just a 24hr diner giving people the gift of 4am eggs and bacon, or whatever dinner dish they’re craving. 

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