What to pack for your Montreal vacation

April 5, 2014

So, you’ve booked your sexy MyStudioMontreal.com apartment, you’ve tweeted to all your friends that you’re heading to the Canadian Capital of Cool, and you’re brushing up on your French pick-up lines! What else might you need for the perfect stay?

Wardrobe: Unless it’s July or August, you’ll need to cover all the bases. We have been known to have snow flurries in April. Just be sure to bring a couple of warm layers, nothing too formal, oh, and matching socks – you’ll be taking your shoes off at the front door if you’re visiting! bring at least one pair of comfortable shoes because you’ll probably want to grab a ‘bixi’ – the city’s cool bikeshare bicycles – it’s the quickest way to get around – and you’ll burn off all those poutine calories.

Camera: You will want to snap some of the landmarks and stunning views of the city. Take your camera up Mont Royal on a clear day for an instagram-worthy snap, then head down to old port for inspired architecture shots and pics of the Canal, Cobblestones, and Clock Tower.

Mini medical kit: Not that the pharmacists won’t be able to speak to you in English (well, most will), but if you’re anything like us, you’ll be pub-crawling on Crescent Street until the early hours and may need an ibuprofen or two to get you out of bed the next morning. Ditto insect bite cream when you’re halfway up the mountain on a balmy July evening and the mosquitoes come out to play. Throw in a few small bandages, eye drops, and a couple of sanitizing wipes and you’re ready for anything! (plus, travel companions will love you when they fall and hurt themselves at 3 in the morning outside an Irish bar….)

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