Visiting Montreal This Summer? Top local foods to try

February 28, 2014

Ready to book your luxury accommodation and finally explore Montreal this summer? Well, even though you’ll have a kitchen, you should absolutely pop out and try some of Montreal’s best-loved foods. We like to think of it as culinary sightseeing!

Poutine: Whether you saunter up to a food truck in Quartier des Spectacles during the festivals, or go for a table at the iconic La Banquise (open 24h, for all you night owls and party people), you cannot skip Quebec’s most talked-about dish. Don’t let the idea of cheese curds put you off – when you see them melting over the rich brown gravy on top of chunky fries, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get here sooner.

Smoked Meat: Pass Schwartz’s Deli any day during the summer and you’ll see the long line that bears testament to this tiny canteen’s most famous offering. A cousin of American Pastrami, Montreal’s smoked meat (order it in a sandwich with pickle) is a delicious salted and spiced beef brisket, sliced thin and perfect spread with hot mustard.

Beaver Tail: No, it’s not as inhumane as it sounds! Beaver Tails (or Queues de Castor) are Canada’s answer to funnel cake – a fluffy oblong of hot fried dough, topped with everything from whipped cream and banana to good old Nutella. Find them on St. Catherine street downtown and in the Old Port.

Pouding chômeur: A quebecois traditional dessert which originated during the great depression, this is the perfect end to any Montreal meal – snap it up if you find it on the menu. A dense sponge cake with a sticky caramel or maple syrup layer, it’s best eaten hot with extra syrup on top.