What is One of Our Deluxe Furnished Suites Furnished With?

March 29, 2013
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When you are looking for furnished housing in downtown Montreal the selection can be confusing. MyStudioMontreal.com is definitely not the only furnished housing provider in Montreal, but we try to stay a step ahead of the competition by providing a more personalized guest service. I will explain the typical features common in all our suites and furnished apartments below, but remember that our housing specialists want to match your housing to your needs, so if any one feature is especially important to you, our team will make sure to find the right space or ensure the right service.

Here are the basics that any MyStudioMontreal.com furnished apartment will have:

Just bring your suitcase:

We’ll take care of the rest. Our suites are furnished with quality Queen-sized beds and everything you might need for a good night’s sleep. Full linens, sheets and comforters are provided and the beds are freshly prepared for your arrival. You’ll also enjoy plenty of storage space for your belongings, on average much more than your typical hotel room. Just one of the things that will make booking a furnished suite so much more comfortable for your longer term stays.

Full Kitchens:

Equipped kitchens feature the full range of appliances from your stove, fridge and microwave, to your toaster, and coffee maker. They’re also equipped with pots and pans, oven-safe dishes, and a full set of plates, cups, cutlery, and glasses. Our kitchens are made for cooking in so we try to think of everything you might need. Of course if there is something that we’ve missed we will be happy to try to find it for you.

Space for Dining:

Eat your heart out. You will always have somewhere to enjoy your home-cooked meals, quick snacks, lazy breakfasts, and long lunches. Whether it is a stylish dining table or a cozy breakfast nook built right into the kitchen, every MyStudioMontreal.com rental has convenient dining areas because we know that a fully equipped kitchen is only fully equipped if there is somewhere to enjoy your meals as well as prepare them.

WiFi, Cable TV, Local phone, IPod dock :

A recent survey by Hotels.com found that, for the third year in a row, a good WiFi connection came up as the number one requirement for hotel guests.In this day and age, having a good Internet connection is important for any type of stay be it business, pleasure, or a bit of both. We are paying attention, and we make sure to provide a high-speed, clear WiFi connection in all of our furnished studios and suites.

Our suites will also be equipped with flat-screen televisions with cable TV and DVD player, as well as comfortable seating from which to enjoy relaxing in front of the tube. An IPod dock is also provided so that you can listen to music as you unwind after your day.

Keep Active:

Part and parcel of healthy living is getting plenty of exercise. Don’t let your fitness routine fall to the wayside when you are away from home, many of our furnished suites have fitness facilities, pools and more available to guests of the building. Simply ask us when you book about the fitness facilities available from your suite.

MyStudioMontreal.com specializes in offering comfortable, convenient, and fully equipped suites, studios and apartments in Montreal. Our focus is on great location, full amenities, and a superior guest experience. Take a look at our amazing selection of furnished suites at MyStudioMontreal.com and contact us today to book your next home away from home.

-Monika Schmidt