Poutine poutine poutine

August 14, 2012

We recently discussed the smell of Quebec’s famous food, poutine that takes over Parc Lafontaine. In this same vein, we look at a new place in town that’s all about different ways to have your poutine.

So the new place in town, Smoke’s Poutinerie is the perfect place to get all the poutine you’ve ever been crazing plus all the inventive twists you’ve ever ever thought of

Although the poutine regulars of fries, gravy and cheese almost seem like nothing special (although when you’re craving it, it can be the best meal ever) Smoke’s prides themselves on the many reinventions they’ve brought to to poutine. So many which ways to make your head dizzy. Honestly we won’t even begin to try and list all the crazy amount of variety you can include in one poutine but anything, we mean anything you can even dream of – that mix will be available.As well, if you’re vegetarian the great thing is they offer a vegetarian gravy alongside their meat based options. Another exciting tidbit is they carry Pop Shoppe sodas, which are very hard to find and any both from Ontario and Quebec in the 80s might remember they’re sugary deliciousness.

Nothing is wrong with the classic poutine, but the reinvention don’t hurt surely. With so many things to add on it, its like a burger but perhaps better – more cheese and more gooey and stringy fries, an eclectic mix that keeps getting better every time you try something new.

2019 rue Bishop Street, (514) 419-4744

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