Go See this Exhibition Now or at Five Points past Light Speed

August 14, 2012

The Star Wars Identities exhibit is happening right now at the Montreal Science Centre in the Old Port. This popular exhibit is fun for the whole family, especially if some members of the family are fans of the Star Wars films.

Not only does the exhibition feature actual props and iconic costumes from all six Star Wars films, but it takes you on an immersive journey through the Star Wars universe that will entertain all and positively excite the Star Wars nerd in your life.

The Identities exhibit asks the question how did father and son, Annakin and Luke, take such different paths when faced with their individual challenges. Annakin, of course ultimately chose the dark side and becoming the ultimate dark and dangerous villain, Darth Vader, in a journey that was chronicled in Star Wars I-III, the prequel films released more recently. Luke, in the original three films, Star Wars IV-VI, takes a very different course, fighting against the negligible allure of the dark side and working hard to defeat the evil Emperor and his deadly death stars.

The exhibit asks you to think about the different circumstances these two characters faced, their family situations, their mentors, and the state of the empire that was so drastically different for both of them. In order to help unravel this puzzle, you get to create your own identity in the Star Wars Universe, choosing an occupation, as well as a species in the galaxy. The character you create is given life through a series of questions, meant to create a psychological profile to complete your very own Star Wars Identity.

Obviously I’m a bit of a Star Wars nerd myself or I wouldn’t say: go see this exhibit now! And may the.. well, you know the rest.

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