Art BrGr Brings New Flavor to the Restaurant Scene

August 10, 2012

Art Brgr is a new kid on the scene, opening last year and presenting a unique dining experience. Located on Gilford and St. Denis, this restaurant takes full advantage of a new street closure on that part of Gilford, allowing for a long, sun drenched wooden terrace to be built along the cute facade of this trendy new place.

Something I am always looking for in a restaurant is a menu that demonstrates creativity and passion and Art Brgr you can see a personal touch in every aspect of the restaurant. From the eye-catching decor, combining bright colors and quaint details to make you feel welcome right away, to the creative and unique menu that seems to come right out of your most fantastic burger dreams. Jimmy Buffet eat your heart out, if this is not a cheeseburger in paradise, it is at least a cheeseburger in wonderland. The co-owner and chef told us that he comes up with his creations at night before he goes to sleep and then in the morning a new burger is born.

Some of the more interesting additions include the Elvis burger, complete with deep fried bananas and penut butter, the poutine burger, and more! I plan to go back and try more of these interesting burgers. Each burger is served with fresh salad and home made french fries and the fries are perfect, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, just this side of mushy.

Burgers are not the only offering, Art BrGr also features a special hummus plate, the chef’s family recipe, so secret that the staff is banished from the kitchen while he prepares it daily. It is described as hummus as you’ve never had it before and I am excited to go back and try it. In the meantime I can guarantee that the burgers are delicious, the atmosphere is friendly, and the staff are fantastic. A great new restaurant to try out.