All that glitters

July 19, 2012

Summertime is all about weddings, the glitz and the glam is in the air. Love is in the air in the summertime, somehow it sparkles and dazzles and its frighteningly clear- suddenly everyone in Montreal is in love. Today we bring Montreal’s newest addition to luxury objects, Tiffany & Co. open a flagship store in town. As you enter under the store’s crisp blue awnings(of course its all baby blue), it’s immediately clear why shopping at Tiffany & Co. is a special experience.

Located on the corner of De La Montagne and Sherbrooke, Tiffany & Co. occupies the western corner of the Ritz-Carleton Hotel. The prime 2000 square foot store pays homage to the Fifth Avenue location in New York, with Art-Deco stainless steel trimmed doors, etched mirrors and glass vitrines. It’s no wonder that the jeweler is celebrating 175 years of design excellence- and we haven’t even started talking about the jewelry yet

While the silver leaf and plush carpet are exquisite, they act only as a backdrop for the true woks of art that lay within the brightly lit displays. From classic Tiffany keys, new and alluring Rubedo metal, to the timeless Tiffany setting diamond rings, the store has something for every taste, and dare I say, every budget. Sometimes pining away (and majorly saving) can result in a life long classic, handed down to your future children.

Tiffany’s Montreal Director Jean-Christophe Requero hopes that this store will become part of Montreal’s dynamic cultural landscape for locals and visitors to enjoy. He further explained that when someone opens up a Tiffany blue box, they really feel the history and magic of Tiffany’s, and become apart of their 175-year legacy. Perhaps you will too next time you step in, and if not now perhaps someday.

Tiffany & Co. 1290 Sherbrooke West, (514) 842-6953

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