Looking for : vegetarian food

June 24, 2012

The great thing about Montreal’s food scene is that really you can get anything your heart desires, all those who are fussy or particular can be glad here in the city.And if you’re anything like me, perhaps vegetarian fare is something you’re more inclined to. When done right, none of that bogus about taste is really true.

So there was a place I had been meaning to try out, Santropol many people in town were talking about how great their sandwiches were. Located in the Plateau at the corner of Duluth and Saint-Urbain, the locale has been open for more than three decades which means not only are they going strong but people round town know who they are and keep coming back for more.

I’ll let you know what draws me back every time. The homemade pumpernickel is all I have to say. For most of my childhood life, and a little into my adult life I believed white bread was the holy grail. Any other type did not have that perfection that white bread did but little did I know how other possibilities could be so magical. It was probably dark rye bread that turned me on to the good stuff, and now pumpernickel(when done right) is pretty up there and for that reason these sandwiches cannot be argued with. Used in every sandwich with cream cheese almost any sandwich turns out delicious with this combination. Plus for a place that’s been open three decades, of course recipes have been tested over and over.

I’ll suggest the Killer Tomato which a true crowd pleaser – of course with thick pumpernickel bread, cream cheese, basic, sun dried tomatoes. The sandwich towers pretty high but bite into it and you’ll forget all about the mess around your hands and just keep chowing down. All other sandwiches are just as delicious with the aforementioned bread and cream cheese. I should say now if you’re allergic to lactose or wheat – this sandwich is not for you, and for that I apologize. All others, rejoice!

3990 rue Saint-Urbain