Discover a New Perspective at the Montreal Bike Fest

May 4, 2012

Whether you are an occasional bicycle rider, or a rabid enthusiast, the beginning of June in Montreal offers a unique opportunity to strap on a helmet and discover the city in a whole new way! The Montreal Bike Fest, running from May 27th  to June 3rd 2012 is chock full of events that will get you back into the saddle. Like the Tour de l’Ile de Montreal, an annual event, held this year on Sunday June 3rd, the Tour de l’Ile heralds the beginning of the Montreal festival season with a city-wide bike attack. With a fifty kilometre route circling the island, the city annually closes the streets for the thousands of cyclists that take over the city for one car-free day.

For a shorter and more romantic bike trip, the Friday before the big tour you can participate in the exciting Tour la Nuit where thousands of  cyclists take to the nightime city streets, this route is twenty-two kilometres in length and starts at 8:15pm, a whole new way to explore Montreal by night.

Don’t Beat em, join em!

So celebrate the warmer weather, and the beginning of festival season 2012 by getting your bike a tune up, dusting off your helmet and hitting the streets, alongside of an estimated 25 000 excited cyclists enjoying a weekend of bike appreciation and car-free streets. If you don’t have a bicycle there are many places around town where you can rent a mountain bike for a day or for the weekend, or you can take a bixi bike! The Montreal bike share system is offering a special price for the Tour de l’Ile and the tour la nuit this year, only 10$ to use a bixi bike for either tour even for non-members. More information is available on their website.

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