Unicorn Boutique

April 18, 2012

If you are so fortunate to find yourself in Montreal in the years of youth, perhaps the time of university and after, the shopping at all levels ( inexpensive and the opposite alike) are so easily found in the city. Then there is Unicorn Boutique, which is a spectacular place filled with both independent work and great original jewelry, and everything in the store ranges from 50-150$. The colours features in a restraint colour palette of black, white, and grey sometimes some brighter spots find their way amongst the monochromatic. This type of restraint usually features well with minimalism and refinement.

The co-owners Amelie Thellen along with Melanie Robillard run the cute boutique that has been opened since September 2008. Both have long worked in the fashion industry, since they were just 16 years old. Studying in fashion marketing and haute couture, they make a great pair perfect for balancing a boutique in Montreal where the fashion industry is well, alive and constantly burgeoning.

For all things hand picked, the shop is made for smart women uninterested in being fed labels and mass media representation, and rather want the hand picked selection from around the group with great accessories to tally up a well rounded look. With their recent spring and summer 2012 collections, the store is burgeoning with all things light and airy. Plus their trunk show upcoming the 26th of April is a perfect opportunity to see what’s in store and upcoming in the near future, sure to be a hit.

5135 Bd St Laurent Montreal/514 544-2828