Phayathai Restaurant

April 4, 2012

There certainly is an abundance of Thai restaurants here, especially on Laurier Avenue but Phayathai does its job well regardless of the others. It has a warm vibe, decorated with Thai-inspired ornamentation. Elegant folded linen with white tablecloths give it an air of fancy without the slightest bit of pretentiousness.

Moving along to the food (the reason why you’e there in the first place), firstly if you aren’t accustomed to spicy you’ll have to speak up as most of the food are served as ‘spicy’ if you don’t ask for it be mild, or non-spicy.The chicken and beef satay starters are a great beginning, both meats being succulent and not suffering from typical dry fare. Accompanied with a peanut dipping sauce, gives the meat a different dimension and a little crunch. Next there is an abundance of Thai green, and yellow curries all flavoured with Thai basil, and the proper seasonings regardless of meat or vegetarian option.

At Phayatai, the food is really a great deal on well made Thai food without hurting your wallet.Located at 107 Laurier Ouest, Phayathai open everyday at lunch and for dinner service, be sure to check our the next time you’re craving Thai.