Montreal Theatre Update: What to see in May

April 23, 2012

Welcome to the monthly theatre update! Here are my best bets for May.

Hillbilly Hoedown, Now with more Vampires!

The Centaur Theatre, located in the Old Port, has an exciting spring line up, but what I’m really “dying” to see is Haunted Hillbilly, running from May 8th to June 3rd. Haunted Hillbilly is a musical  about a Country Music Star and a seductive vampire. Those are three of my favorite things right there, musicals, vampires and hoedowns, I will certainly not be missing this crazy romp! Haunted Hillbilly is a SideMart Theatrical Grocery production.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

At the Segal Centre, the upcoming production of Same Time Next Year has us looking forward to opening night, not because of the play, which does sound great – a man and a woman meet once every year at the same inn, away from their marriages, sharing disparate parts of their lives – I’m mostly excited for the leading man. R H Thompson is a famous Canadian actor who has a plethora of impressive theatre credits under his belt, but might be best remembered by Canadians who grew up in the nineties for playing the part of Jasper Dale in the Canadian television program Road to Avonlea. If that doesn’t have you heading to the Segal Centre, I don’t  know what would.

Montreal’s Favorite Comedy Mix

At Theatre St. Catherine I am most looking forward to Freedom Nation, happening Tuesday April 24th, featuring a mixture of comedy, dance, puppetry and everything in between hosted by DeAnne Smith, one of Montreal’s favorite Comedians, this is sure to be an amazing show!

Where to stay

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