All about films this weekend

April 11, 2012

This past year in film saw many triumphs, certainly that pushed us all over the hump of the past couple of years of mediocrity and boredom. As well as many films appreciating film history within their films. There was Scorsese’s Hugo, that looked at the career of Georges Melies and The Artist portrayed silent films more beautifully than imagined. At a time when films were silent, and titles mostly shown in English, many who were non-native to the language were fortunate to have ‘narrators’ retell the story, some from the actual film and sometimes populated with imagination. In this spirit, the ‘P’tits Vues’ event continues in this vein on the 14th that will be screening classic films from the silent film era at the Maison Brignon-dit-Lapierr. Such classics like those of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, any cinephile interested in film probably would be inclined to such an event.

Other screenings this weekend include the Latino-American festival of Montreal continuing. Check out ‘I’v Loved You For Long’, a film that was commended in 2008 screens this weekend. As well, the Alfred Hitchock Presents- type festival continues. At the Rialto Theatre, the 1953 version of the Titanic, in honour ( perhaps not the best term) for its 100 year anniversary of April 15th, 1912. There are three other versions centred around the event (1943, 1958 and 1997) which are not to be confused with the version being shown at Rialto presently.

As well, because Friday the 13th doesn’t really come around all that often there is always some sort of celebration of the anomaly. Blue Sunshine is showing a 16mm print of Martin! And on Saturday Belanger was a Madman – a wonderful opportunity to catch a glimpse of Montreal (more specifically the Rosemont area) in the late 1930s. Be sure to check out some of the excellent entertainment around town this weekend.

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