Hunky Hughes at Le Bremner

March 26, 2012

On the down low, I’m a big foodie although I try and keep it underwraps because to be honest, I don’t think I’m(or ever will be) remotely close to bonafide foodies,but I try. Anybody worth their food chops probably tunes into Food Network once in a while or religiously and if you do then you know all about the young hunky Chuck Hughes, Quebec’s overnight superstar making us all proud. He seems like the best foodie friend ever, ok enough on the personal raving let’s get to his food.

His second restaurant Le Bremner, off all the raves of Garde Manger, is equally fantastic. Beware though, if you haven’t been to the former, there are no signs (be in the know people) so you’ll have a little fun trying to find it, no worries – the fun starts before you even get there. First off, Bremner features a tapas like style, bigger portions all meant for sharing amongst friends – meaning round up your friends for a nice night out.

You’ll find it across from Marche Bonsecours in the Old Port, it’s all charming with the unknown quality where you’ll feel in the know, nice sometimes. Let’s get to food shall we? Instead of the typical (perhaps boring appetizer,main and dessert) listing, instead it’s the type of dish, i.e. broiler, outside, bread/cheese that makes it all much easier to read/understand perhaps. Try the bacon cheddar foccacia, which like it describes is all gooey deliciousness with a little salad. Or the lobster parfait, with lobster claws/tails hanging on the outside ready for you to dip in the creamy avocado dressing, and cavair, oh yes.

Since the dishes are meant to be shared, you’ll have fun trying out things and get more bang for your buck. Try the garlic mussels, or the naan pizza with scallops, olives, basil and shallots that held up really well with an flaky crust and a nice blend of textures. And lastly lamb meatballs that are so succulent and tender you’ll be shell shocked,all just superb. Lastly we want to mention the price is a little steep, but what can you expect from a now famous, renowned, Food Network superstart – but with such great service, food hopefully you’ll want to fork over the cash for a wonderful dining experience.

361 St.Paul Ouest//(514)544-0446

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