Two wheels for breakfast.

February 1, 2012

As a bike fanatic, anything with the work bike (velo in French) usually catches my eye. Hence the reason for the trip down to Le vieux Vélo, has been on my list of spots for a while and there has been talk about it on various sites and forums. The reviews have always seemed positive. It is situated in the meeting point of little Italy and Rosemont/Petite Patrie (well technically it’s in Petite Patrie), which are two spots with a need for more quality brunch places. To date, everything I had heard had mentioned good eggs Benedict.

Vieux vélo is a bit of a throwback to the 80’s,there’s something about those wooden chairs on metal frames with the yellow paint, the simple tables, the old school cups not to mention the menu being on ruled paper with typewriter font. Yes, when I was young there was no Internet, but we did have computers. The old school motif of this place is comfortable and on a sunny day it fills up with sunlight. The capacity is not a lot but you can still get a seat without waiting long which, in an area with not too many brunch spots, is a good thing.

With a breakfast / brunch option even on weekdays, you have a place where you can have a morning dish in the area that is not a greasy spoon. Also, they even have a lunch menu which has some salads, soups and sandwiches so you can get a vegan option in one dish, maybe two. The menu is a two page deal with a little under 20 options, some of which are lunch options. Prices are on average under $10 although, coffee is not included and will run you $1.50 but does come with free refills. The eggs Benedict section is quite prominent on the menu, so you can’t help but be tempted to try some.

Well let’s talk their eggs Benedict. Not only was it the most represented item on the menu it also had some interesting concoctions like the B.A.B ($9.50) with avocado, brioche and a lemony hollandaise sauce and the vegepesto ($9.00) with grilled vegetables, cheddar and a pesto hollandaise sauce.Starting with the B.A.B. ($9.50) which is two poached eggs, brie, avocado, bacon strips, and a lemony hollandaise sauce. The dish came with a side of potatoes and some sliced mini tomatoes. The lemony hollandaise sauce was a tad lighter and refreshing than some thicker ones and the amount was perfect in that the plate did not drown in it. The brie and avocado mix complimented each other nicely.

Another thing to try is the Atlantique ($9.50) which is two poached eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, capers and their special lemony hollandaise sauce. This dish was very tasty and after having many mediocre eggs Benedict at other places, it was a refreshing experience to have a quality eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce once again delivered as it did in my selection. The smoked salmon was bursting in taste and the cream cheese was a nice touch that did not overpower the dish.

If you’re an eggs benedict person, you’ll think they are excellent! The price point of $8.50-$9.50 is quite good even though you need to add an extra $1.50 for coffee but even with that it comes out to under $12 for the most expensive dish which is fair. So, if you are an eggs Benedict fan, le Vieux Vélo may be for you. Head on out today, and perhaps even on your own velo there!

Le vieux Velo
59 Beaubien est,
(514) 439-5595