Step into spring with style!

January 30, 2012

You’re not tired of shopping yet are you? Honestly how could you ever be, with Montreal’s ever expanding vintage buisness – you could never have enough amazing finds from the bast. Here’s a couple more places to check out!

General 54 and sister boutique Local 23 are two very cozy and Mile End design empire run by Jen and Gen, rhyming not intended. With love and good taste these two shops on Bernard and St Viateur have helped dozens of emerging designers get their start.

Jen says that General54 was opened in 2006 because their first store Local 23 ,was in fact, too small to carry all the talented designers that came to sell with us. They incorporated a local designer boutique with a vintage clothing shop to address the community needs. They wanted people to be able to find something cheap (vintage) and something a little more (designer.) With a collection boasting over 50 Canadian designers. Everything from home decor, one of a kind clothing and full clothing collections by some of Montreal and Canada’s best. Gen has recently opened Annex Vintage right beside General54 and now the vintage selection is massive and only a step away!

As the store isn’t exactly new, yet it has kept its charm factor up and people keep coming back – giving the store great success and street cred. Some new things for Spring 2012? They’ve seen a new trend in accessories that has been exciting, a darker side of jewelry exposing itself in the magical. Moodier, more abstract work that borders on personal symbols of magic and witchcraft has become more popular. It’s interesting to see how universal trends can be, and that they happen without someone highlighting it in some trends magazine. It is formed within the sphere of the personal and becomes a language to many. Clothing design wise, there are many new draped pieces mixed with structured garments and there is a playful mix of everything – a why not kind of attitude. Montreal is definitely the best at making their own fashion language with a self assured melange!

There are so many new designers coming this season! They will be carrying Meemoza (QC), Brokendoll, and Spruce hailing from Ontario. They arrive this Spring with casual jackets, pretty dresses, amazing tops and more.

All three of them work with eco fibres and concentrate on the comfort of their clothing. Coming from across Canada,there is a great design and eco conscious group of talented people making beautiful clothing. Taking eco wear out of the stereotype and creating intriguing, accessible, fashion forward clothing. Quite a refreshing turn for the eco industry – Check em out soon for some new spring wares!

A)General 54 // 54 St. Viateur W,

B)Local 23// 23 Bernard W.

C) Annex Vintage // 56 St-Viateur W.