Overqualified Immigrants are at Risk of Poor Mental Health

August 15, 2011


A study from the Institute for Work and Health reports that overqualified immigrants are at risk of poor mental health.

The study classifies overqualified immigrants into 3 distinct categories:

1. Immigrants that have a level of education that is superior to the skills required for their current position in Canada.

2. Immigrants that prior to coming to Canada had jobs which required a higher level of skills than necessary for their current position in Canada

3. Immigrants that prior to moving to Canada expected their new jobs to require a higher level of skill.

According to the study which was led by Cynthia Chen, being overqualified for a job puts immigrants at risk of poor mental health.

Being overqualified is extremely common amongst new immigrants in Canada and has revealed to affect expatriates overall mental and general health. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between job over-qualification and an immigrant’s well-being.

The study used a sample of 2,685 employed immigrants that were in good health prior to arriving to Canada. The study concluded that overqualified immigrants are much more likely to report declines in mental health than those that are in jobs that suit their education, experience and expectations.

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