We Are The Insects: New exhibition at the Insectarium in Montreal as of July 23rd, 2011

July 20, 2011

As of July 23rd 2011 The Montreal Insectarium will be hosting We Are The Insects, a new captivating exhibition. The exhibition begins with a cartoon starring an insect named Prosco, who continues to guide visitors throughout the entire exhibition.

Anne Charpentier, the director of the insectarium described the exhibition as being ¨a vibrant representation of the incredible biodiversity of all the species that share our planet with us.¨ She also declared that ¨We Are The Insects¨ will set the stage for the insectarium’s future development as the insect’s beauty will amaze visitors and the exhibition will explain the roles of insects in our lives therefore hopefully influencing our attitudes and behaviours towards them.

We Are the Insects will answer all of your questions regarding insects. The exposition highlights insects adaptability, for instance how they are able to overcome all obstacles including extreme cold, heat, droughts and limited food supplies.

Hundreds of live and rare insects will be exposed at the exhibition, one of the most anticipated ones being a giant stick insect from the Malaysian forest.

For more information on We Are The Insects refer to the Ville de Montreal website.