The importance of mentoring skilled immigrants

July 11, 2011

250,000 immigrants move to Canada each year in search of a better quality of life. Even though these individuals may be highly skilled they still find it extremely challenging to find suitable jobs. This can be attributed to the cultural barriers they must overcome in order to integrate into our North American society.

In order to try to help immigrants overcome these challenges, governments have put into place mentoring programs. These programs allow skilled foreign workers to overcome challenges such as resume building and interview etiquette; allowing them to more easily secure jobs in their area of expertise. Not only are these types of programs beneficial for immigrants they are also extremely valuable for the mentors since they allow them to gain cultural awareness.

Furthermore, with the retirement of baby boomers in the following years, it is expected that there will be a skilled labor shortage. Thus, assisting immigrants to quickly integrate is extremely valuable for our society as a whole.

For more information watch the following short video.

Source: Youtube Rajeev Dhir from the OMNI Alberta South Asian News Edition