July 4, 2011

Divers/Cité, la fête gaie de Montréal – ALL TOGETHER DIFFERENT, celebrates diversity in a festive, friendly atmosphere where all are welcome.

The event proudly showcases modern dance, blues, jazz, pop, Latin, rock, world, funk, ambient, techno and electronic concerts, drag queen performances and an outdoor cinema. The nineteenth edition, from July 25 to 31, 2011, will offer more than 47 hours of free outdoor performances spanning 7 days.

It includes Mascara, the biggest drag show on earth, a mind boggling four hour performance created by over one hundred artists. The most popular festival draw is without a doubt La Grande Danse: imagine thousands of people dancing outside to 11 hours of house music mixed by international guest DJs!

Though there are many shows presented indoors, the party really gets into full swing in the street. During this colourful event, festivagoers will discover one of Montreal’s most expressive aspects, open to the world and its differences.


More information on Divers/cité Website