June 30, 2011

This aspect has become more important nowadays when the hiring process is initiated; sometimes there are moments when managing talent is critical, and having an effective system to measure the potential of professionals becomes a necessity, because the war for talent is happening within their own organizations. This is one of the conclusions of the First Meeting of the Employment Observatory Future step, which was held in Madrid with the participation of eight professionals in the management of human resources, “New talent assessment tools”.

One of the participants, was Arantxa Salguero, director of HR MARS, agreed that in these times when the situation requires reduction equipment, it is the human resources department to make sure that people who are the ones that are tailored to the needs and expectations of the company. When looking for talent the processes of selection are more complex, sometimes they have 8 candidates for the same position, having different executives who will evaluate different perspectives. Wrapping up some of these facts on HR processes one of the biggest measures will be the Learning Ability of the applicant.

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