Cirque Du Soleil: Totem show

June 21, 2011

Even before entering the Grande Chapiteau, there is whimsy and magic in the air. The signature blue and yellow tent of Cirque du Soleil glows in the setting sun, creating an ambiance of electric energy. Hundreds of people line up with bated breath, knowing they are about to see something spectacular: TOTEM…

The lights go down and a hurried silence spreads through the crowd. Chanting beat music swells through the area, and the giant turtle-shaped structure starts to glow. Slowly descending from the sky is a sparkling figure, slowly spinning and glittering in the spotlight. No, this is not an acid flashback. This is Cirque du Soleil’s latest touring show TOTEM. Written and Directed by Robert Lepage, TOTEM takes a journey through the evolution of Man. From primitive form all the way up to the ultimate fantasy of flying.

Sources: The Montreal Buzz

Tickets & Information: Cirque du Soleil Website