The Outremont Borough

May 31, 2011

District merged in 2001 at the same time as ten old cities of the island of Montreal, the Outremont borough counts around 24000 inhabitants for a surface of 3,84 km2 ( the smallest district of Montreal city). Interesting fact: Outremont has about the same number of inhabitants since 1930.

The neighbourhood has been traditionally largely inhabited by Francophones, but also by a large number of Hasidic Jews.

Very residential, the Outremont district and borough is well known for the beauty of its imposing old residences as those on Maplewood.

The main socioeconomic variables of the Outremont Borough give you a first portrait of the people who chose to live in this particular borough. Of course, the geographical boundaries of the Montreal Boroughs are man made and have often been modified during the course of history.

Nevertheless, each borough developed its own characteristics, its own personality and its own life. Some may be closer to your preferences than others, and this is fine, but they are all worth discovering.



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