BOTA BOTA, SPA-SUR-L'EAU at Montreal Old port

May 4, 2011

Something got you feeling steamed? Then why not try steaming your stress away at Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau, an exciting spa concept and ode to all things aqua? Bota Bota puts a unique twist on the spa experience because it’s built in an old ferryboat docked at the Old Port.

So while you sweat it all out you’re also floating about, with 360° views of the magnificent St. Lawrence River, the quays and Montréal’s gorgeous skyline for your senses to absorb.

Bota Bota’s motto is Salus per aquam, or health by water. To get to you glowing, it offers Scandinavian-inspired treatments that include a water circuit, massage therapy, body and facial treatments and extra perks like Bota Chic, which treat you to manis, pedis and 10-digit scrubs. All of these invitations to elation can be enjoyed on one of five painstakingly-refurbished decks and includes time-out on the Sunshine Bridge, the Promenade Bridge and the Intermediate Bridge, where you can curl up in one of the former ferry’s giant portholes.

The architecture, redesign and visual identity of this ship-turned-avant-garde-centre-of-bliss is signed by Sid Lee and Sid Lee Architecture. Its minimalist, river-themed décor lets guests immerse themselves in the exoticism of an ultra-glam boat trip, while staying fastened to terra firma. Features like a cocktail bar-cum-pedicure-lounge, open-air whirlpool and a sub-aquatic change room are sure to keep pamper pusses coming back for more.

Source : A la Montréal, More information on Bota Bota here.