Hot & Dry Weekend in Montreal's Village

April 29, 2011

The Hot & Dry Weekend is the second biggest event organized by the BBCM Foundation with two main events, Hot & Dry and Fresh, as well as many other activities. From May 20 to 23 in different venues of the Montreal Gay Village. This event coincides with the beginning of the summer in Montreal and is one of the BBCM’s most popular events. The Hot & Dry takes place on a Canadian holiday Weekend, Victoria Day : do not miss it!!

Furthermore, the BBCM Foundation will take advantage of the Hot & Dry Weekend Launch Cocktail to give charitable contributions to different groups which provide direct support and assistance to HIV/AIDS people and to community organizations as well. In addition, during the event, the foundation will also announce the total value of the products and services offered to the community last year.

More information on Bad Boys Club Montreal’s website

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