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July 21, 2009

Why choose Montreal?

• We are an independent company based in Montreal and therefore able to offer a more personal and friendlier accommodation service with our apartments.

• Our Montreal apartment rentals are comparable in price to Montreal hotels, but offer significantly more value and comfort.

• We offer luxurious, ideally located Montreal apartments with more space, better ambiance and a more authentic feel than most Montreal hotels.

• Each rental apartments has been hand picked for their central location and unique, comfortable and tasteful decor, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

• Our Montreal apartments appeal to travellers who appreciate a bit of extra space for meetings, extra family members, or relaxation, or just to soak up the true experience of living in Montreal.

• Our staff is made up of both native French, Canadian,Spanish and other foreigners who are happy to help any time during your holiday or with any questions you may have regarding either the apartment or Montreal.

• Our staff and in house Montreal guides which we provide in all the apartments give our guests essential local knowledge in order to really experience the true city of Montreal.

• Our priority is customer service and focus on each guest’s individual requirements and special requests in order to make their vacation a pleasant one.

• apartments provides ideal accommodation in Montreal for all travellers. offers a variety of unique, luxurious, Montreal apartments for short-term rental.

• Our Montreal vacation rentals offer significantly better value than Montreal hotels for both vacation and business travellers. Montreal hotels charge hundreds for an anonymous room, while all our serviced Montreal apartments are spacious 1- or 2-bedroom flats in ideal neighbourhoods.

• While many other accommodation firms offer short-term flat rentals, offers you tasteful serviced apartments which we hand pick for their ambiance and location.

• We offer you all the convenience of a luxurious hotel with the character of a chic flat rental to make your accommodation experience memorable and unique.

• Up to 25% CHEAPER than hotel rooms of equivalent standard

• The rates you pay for a hotel room are often vastly inflated. This is because hotels usually have high expenses due to; the range of services they offer such as in-house bars and restaurants, and a high wages bill due to the volume of staff required to run the hotel.

• All these expenses have to be recouped from the customers (in the accommodation rates) in order for the hotel to make a profit. Furthermore, hotels will charge higher prices as guests tend to stay for just a few nights, after which time the hotel needs to resell the room. Apartment guests usually stay for longer periods so the cost of marketing and sales can be considerably lower than for a hotel.

• Additionally, apartments offer further savings due to their flexibility – for example, when staying in a hotel, you often have to bear the potentially very expensive cost of eating in restaurants. With an apartment you will have your own kitchen, so that you may – if you wish – prepare your own meals with food bought from grocery stores or the local supermarket.

• We support a school in central Africa. Each booking you make helps us to finance the school.

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